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In the Corps I enjoyed some of the best times of my life. Sure, it wasn't all fun...but what is? I have now been out for over six years and in my personal experience I can tell you that I still have not found any other job that offers the challenges, esprit de corps, and overall fun that I found in the Marine Corps.

Where are all of my Fleet Marine friends?

I would really like to hear from anyone who knew me during my tour. I graduated from Platoon 3098, 3rd Battalion, I Company, Parris Island on December 5th, 1986. Drill Instructors were Sgt McCray, Sgt Kirby, and Sgt McGovern. After boot camp I went to Naval Air Station Millington, Tennessee for Aviation Ordnance training. After that, in April 1987, I took a train to MCAS Yuma (with my reluctant travel companion and drinking buddy Glenn B.) for on-the-job training and more school. In August 1987, I PCS'd to MCAS Tustin and was assigned to H&MS-16 of MAG-16. I made good friends there as I did everywhere, but have now lost contact with them all. Although I can remember faces, I sometimes can't recall the names. Some names I do remember are Rusty C., Mario S., Phillip B. I left Tustin in June 1988 headed for Marine Security Guard school in Quantico, Virginia. If any of you jar-heads are out there, please write to me.

And all my friends from MSG School?

Corey...are you out there? Remember Barney Fife, Beeker, and all the other clowns??

Links to USMC sites

Here I will list some sites that I have visited and found to be interesting, educational and enjoyable.

Marine Embassy Guard Association

All current and former MSG's should check out this site and consider joining OUR association.

If you were lucky enough to serve with me in the U.S. Embassy London,

just click on the yellow footprints to find more information about our

MCRD London Website and Reunion Plans!

Official Battalion Site

How many of you are planning to go to the MEGA reunion in Las Vegas in Spring 2000?

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