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A Really Crappy Hendrie Audio Site

A fan's tribute to Phil Hendrie with many guests biographies

BVB's Cool Talk Radio - Links and info about Phil and other great radio

Bud Dickman's Lounge & Roadhouse Grill

Cool Talk Radio Yahoo Club

Everything you didn't want to know about El Cholo's

Hot Young Blondes and the Official Unofficial Phil Hendrie Page

Hendrie WWW Catapult

Is the Caller There?

List of Lawsuits filed by Steve Bozell

Oh Sweet Jesus, Will They Ever End?

Open Mic Project

Our Favorite Phil Hendrie Guests -- Biographies

More Phil Hendrie Guests' Biographies

Phil Hendrie Jackball or Genius

Phil Hendrie Chat and Discussion

Large Collection of Hendrie Parodies & Other Clips

Phil Hendrie Affiliate Radio Stations

Wanna find the quickest and easiest way to Phil Hendrie files? You gotta get the KaZaA Gnutella Program immediatley!!

Wanna download tons of Phil Hendrie sound files both old and VERY new? You gotta get mIRC and logon through, then enter room #retardtraffic as quickly as you can!!
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