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Pruden Family History

I began researching my family history as a young teenager with the benefit of three living grandparents. I then set it aside for twenty-five years. In 2005 I re-discovered the interest and found the amount of information on the Internet both helpful and sometimes overwhelming. I have discovered some new information and made contact with previously unknown relatives. My most recent collection of data is available on this website. If you have information or sources to share regarding either the Pruden or Anders family trees, please let me know.


Cultural & Political Novelties

This is something I've been having fun with recently. I've designed a variety of graphics and slogans related to popular cultural and political interests and events. Check them out and let me know what you think. These designs are perfect for starting or stopping conversations with both friends and strangers. You can order your favorite on a t-shirt, coffee mug, ball cap, mouse pad, sweat suit, thong, notebook, sticker, coaster, magnet, dog shirt, beer stein, or a great collection of other novelty items. They make great gifts too!

My Girls

HEY! I just added a couple of new graphics of my girls on November 16, 2001, including some entertaining animations starring Andrea and Diana. I've been bad about putting new pictures up, but at least you can see what they looked like a year or two ago. I will try to get newer ones in place soon.


Maybe you've already guessed that I have more than a slight interest in politics. If you'd like to learn more about my views you can check out my political blog right here. You'll even get to read several of the essays and letters that I've had published over the years. You can tell me what you think about any of the topics whether you agree or not.

Whos in the White House?

This little video clip ought to make you laugh or cring depending where you fall on the political spectrum. Smile and enjoy.

Web Design & Domain Registration

This is my own little business venture. I offer quick, simple and secure purchasing of Internet Domain names, web hosting, business and personal web page design, all backed up with money-backed guarantees and a full customer support team to answer your questions or help with problems. You will be amazed at how simple and affordable it is to own your very own domain. Then people can send email directly to YOUR NAME and not to AOL, YAHOO, GMAIL, MSN or some other company. Check out site and contact me if you would like to know more.

Cryptogram Puzzles

Do you like cryptogram puzzles? I sure do. Check out this small collection that I made myself. I'll try to get more online soon. If you feel I'm too slow just write and tell me to get with it.

Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome

Our youngest girl was born with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. We all went through a lot in the beginning with her special medical concerns. Poor thing saw more docters in her first couple years than I've seen in my entire life. I am very happy to tell you that she is doing great now and you'd never guess that she'd had any problems. She is doing everything a seven-year-old should be doing and more since she tries to keep up with her twelve-year-old big sister! I've tried to research Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome online and have provided some information and links that I collected. I have also added a mirror page in Spanish. I would be happy to talk and share experiences with other other families dealing with Beckwith-Wiedmann Syndrome (BWS). Informacion de Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome tambien disponible en Espanol.

Roxobel, NC 27872

Here is a page of information and some history on my home town of Roxobel, North Carolina. I welcome any additions or corrections and will consider any stories or photographs you would like to send me.

U.S. Border Patrol

I worked as a Border Patrol Agent in Douglas, Arizona for four years (1996-2000). It was an interesting experience to say the least. The rampant disorganization and lack of capable leadership was one of my greatest motivators to complete my college degree and move on. I do believe that it can be a good job and even an exciting career, but a whole lot of things will have to change before the U.S. Border Patrol can successfully leave its rogue image in the past, and move forward into the new millennium as a competent, confident and well-tuned federal law enforcement agency.

U.S. Marine Corps

I went into the Marine Corps after completing high school in 1986. I went through Boot Camp on Parris Island in Platoon 3098, 3rd Battalion, I Company. I did a short stint as a squad leader (yeah, it was really short). I graduated on December 5th, 1986 as the Platoon's M-16 rifle high-shooter. From South Carolina, I went on to Tennessee, Arizona, and California before eventually getting the opportunity to travel overseas. I had a great time throughout my enlistment, and have never found any other job that gives me the same pride and satisfaction.

London, England

My first overseas posting with the Marine Corps was to the United States Embassy in London, England. When I was first told of the assignment I was very upset. I didn't feel that going to another English speaking country would really be going overseas. Well, I learned my lesson quickly. The U.S. and Britain may share the same official language, but it sure ain't the same! I had a wonderful tour of fourteen months in London and made a lot of great friends. I have some great memories that I'll never forget (and probably quite a few that I can't remember).

Lagos, Nigeria

Can you believe that Nigeria was my first choice of a second post? Neither could anyone else! I was a big change from England, but it was a truly unique experience. There wasn't much to do for entertainment in Lagos so we depended greatly on our friends. I developed some very strong friendships in Nigeria and overall I had a good time for the thirteen months I was living on Victoria Island.

Lima, Peru

Peru was my third and final post. I was approved to go to a third post while troops were being deployed to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Shield. Luckily, my orders came out before everyone was ordered to stay in place for Desert Storm. Otherwise I might have been stuck in Nigeria. So I missed the Gulf War deployment, but I was in the embassy on two different occasions when it was struck by terrorists. I also had a few close calls off duty, but managed to get through the whole ordeal without any injuries (except for the time that I was shot in the leg by a "blank" 12 gauge round during a training exercise). I extended in Peru and stayed a total of twenty months until I got out of the Marine Corps in August 1992. During the nearly two years I was there, I had several opportunities to travel throughout the country and saw many beautiful as well as historic sites. It is a large country composed of a variety of climates and terrains, many of which I have yet to visit.

Bertie High School

This web page was created to assist in finding and keeping in touch with my friends from the Bertie High School Class of 1986. Can you believe its been over twenty years since we roamed the halls of BHS in Windsor, North Carolina? Through this web page and our bulletin board communications, we now have contact with a large number of our classmates. We've even managed to coordinate a couple of reunions and social get-togethers. Tell me what you'd like to see here and send me any stories, ideas or links that you think would be good on our page.

Patriotic Pages, U.S. History and Etiquette of the U.S. Flag

Pump-up that patriotic pride; learn the history of our flag and the proper way to handle and display it; download great patriotic music; and join the U.S. Flag Organization!

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