Adam Kirk Pruden

Lagos, Nigeria

The one and only time I got my first choice of posts!

Would you like to enjoy the Nigerian National Anthem during your visit?

It wasn't the best place by far. There was very little to do for entertainment. But I did make some good friends and we had some very memorable times. Sadly, I have lost contact with many of those people. I would really like to find them again. My communicator friends, the Marines, and all of the British, Canadians, Lebanese, Australians, and of course..... the Oinkers. We need to come together for a cold Gulder and some hot suya!

Looking for my misplaced friends!

I have communicated a few times with Vanessa over the past year through mail, E-mail, and telephone. One of the things that we have mentioned is the creation of a web page. Through this medium we can all get together through the wonders of modern technological cyberspace. I would like to post photos, addresses, and information on what everyone has been doing since Lagos. I will begin to put a couple of things together, but I would like to ask for submissions from each of you. This will help prevent me putting a picture of you on the web that you do not want the world to see.

Adam Kirk Pruden

The boys on the beach at Tarqua Bay. We bought the matching shorts we are wearing that morning on the beach.

Adam Kirk Pruden

We even adopted a couple of the local kids.

Adam Kirk Pruden

Forget Miami Vice these guys are the coolest! They proved it together on three different continents!

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Please send ANY comments, ideas, stories, photos, etc., to the address at the bottom of the page. I want to know what you think and if I have your support.

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