Friends of A.K. Pruden: Peruvian Adventures

Peruvian Adventures

I was very lucky to have several opportunities to visit some interesting parts of this beautiful country!

Would you like to enjoy the Peruvian National Anthem during your visit?

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Family and Friends

Andrea with her cousins, Andres and Adriana

Adventure Galore

It was always an adventure in Lima. Whether you walk down the street, ride across town on a "combi," or just make a quick stop in Wong's Supermarket, you were sure to see and meet both interesting and entertaining people!

Pilar Carrasco Pruden
Weekend trip to Santa Rosa de Quives. Visited a cuy farm and I lost my "fishing watch" in the river rapids.

Pilar Carrasco Pruden
Just hanging out in Miraflores

Adam Kirk Pruden
Eating one of the several pirana that I caught during my visit to the jungles near Iquitos, along the Amazon River.

Adam Kirk Pruden
No, its not a sheep. Its a baby llama. This was on a tour around Cuzco.

Although it may not look like it from the majority of the pictures, I did have to work.

Adam Kirk Pruden

Here I am surveying some of the damage done to the embassy after one of the terrorist attacks.

Links to Other Peruvian Related Sites

Quipu Net  An association of Peruvians around the world dedicated to improving education in Peru.
El Comercio Periodico  One of the country's top newspapers.
Telefonica del Peru  The national telephone company. Complete with directory listings.

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