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Phil Hendrie:
This man is either an incredibly talented genius or a complete nut! If you haven't heard him previously, then you must become familiar with his humorous antics immediately.

Phil Hendrie:
A Phil Hendrie Fan's Page

Phil Hendrie:
A Collection of Phil Hendrie's Work from his time in Miami

The Dialectizer Humorous Web Page Translator:
The Dialectizer takes text or other web pages and instantly creates parodies of them!

Exercise that brain and have some fun at the same time!

Gotta have your daily dose of Dilbert by Scott Adams. Site includes archives, games, merchandise, and more!

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Other Sites of Interest

CoffeeCup Software offers great web and graphics development programs. If you are a webmaster or want to learn more, please visit them!

Yahoo!Groups (formerly 'E-Groups'):
A great tool for group communications!

Travel Zoo:
Your link to a plethora of travel deals, reservations, and planning tools.

For U.S. Federal Employees

Federal Job Vacancies:
This is the official U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management website. Great improvements have been added recently to allow searches for State Government jobs, and you can even sign-up for email notifications of jobs that match your interests.

National Finance Center:
Lots of good info and links for federal employees.

WAEPA: Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies:
Super Term Life Insurance Rates for Government Employees -- Even better than what active-duty military members have!

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