London, England

Its hard for me to believe that I was initially disappointed by my assignment to the London embassy. My experiences rapidly changed my mind and I enjoyed what was probably my best time abroad!

Would you like to enjoy the British National Anthem during your visit?

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Memories of London

London was my first embassy assignment and my first overseas posting with the Marine Corps. Upon receiving official notification that I would be assigned to London, I was extremely disappointed. I dreamed of going to a more exotic foreign land where the English language had yet to reach. I must admit that I was very wrong. England turned out to be quite exotic afterall, especially for a small-town country boy from North Carolina. I enjoyed some of the most memorable experiences of my life in and around London. I made so many wonderful friends that cared about making my experience the best it could be. I was invited into homes almost as a member of the family. This is a kindness that a young man so far from home never forgets. I developed many wonderful friendships, but have now unfortunately lost contact with most of the people. I hope that this web page will help me to be reunited with many of them. For those friends who I may never see again, I will always have them in my heart as true friends!

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U.S. Embassy London, England

Well, several of us have mentioned off and on for the past few years about a London reunion. I am still very interested in locating as many friends as we can. I do hope that we can get together some day, but until then maybe this web page can help to keep us together. I would like to put everyone's photo, name, address, and short paragraph of what you have been doing since London. I understand that there may be some people who prefer a little more privacy, either for personal or professional reasons. Also, some of the photos I have of some of you may not be the one's you want the world to see. I will ask that everyone please send me what they would like to have put on the net (photos, biopraphy, family and career info, etc.)

Where are all of my FSN friends?

I would really love to hear from anyone who knew me during my tour. I really made some very good friends in the NIV Section. Please write to me.

And all my friends from Berkshire?

Reading, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Slough, The White Hart?

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