Thankful for George W. Bush
December 16, 2003

I am incredibly glad and indescribably thankful for what President George W. Bush has done for this country. He has restored honor and integrity to the position of Commander-in-Chief, he has continually exhibited his ability to make powerfully important decisions, and he has shown professionalism and considerable personal restraint in refusing to respond to spiteful and often ridiculous personal attacks.

President George W. Bush has spent his time in office working very hard and in the face of incredible challenges that no previous U.S. president has ever had to face. He has been successful even while facing adamant foes and disgustingly blatant partisan opposition. President Bush has shown his power, his conviction, his faith in God and a refreshing respect for the people he serves. The honor he feels emulates through all he says and does, to the people he protects, to the military that he supports and honors. Allies and enemies around the globe are also captivated and affected by his respect for the office he holds and his dedication to protecting our nation and preserving the American way of life.

President George W. Bush makes his decisions without polls, faces opposition without denial, and accepts responsibility for both his actions and his decisions. He has restored honor to his elected office, both in the eyes of the people of the U.S. and of the world. The White House has been restored to a place of national business and a respected landmark. The infestation of personal interests and self-rewarding behavior has been cleansed. The circus tents have been removed from the lawn and the carnival atmosphere of the Clinton administration has been purged from the grounds.

God bless this great nation and our honorable President George Walker Bush!

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