My Letter to Each of the 100 United States Senators Regarding the Clinton Impeachment Vote

"Vote Conscience Rather Than Party"
January 22, 1999

Honorable Senator of the United States,

I am writing to you regarding the current trial of President Clinton. As these proceedings are still in progress, I trust that you have not yet come to a final decision. It is your duty to keep an open mind, listen to and consider all facts, and finally, to vote your conscience rather than your party. This case has already gone too far. It is now much too late to turn back or simply dismiss it. The time that this issue has taken and the amount that it has yet to consume is not an issue, and should not factor into your decision. An attempted "rush to justice" may actually result in a "rush past justice."

I am sorry that it appears that the majority of the country is not paying close attention and many are more interested in professional basketball or the sick antics of Jerry Springer's guests. I feel that this matter is of huge importance to our country. President Clinton's actions, as well as his inaction, have brought unmeasurable disgrace to our government. Not only the citizens of our country are watching these proceedings, but also the governments and citizens of all the countries in the world.

President Clinton will be out of the Oval Office in less than two years regardless of what happens. Your own political career may or may not last longer. The decision you make in this trial will last forever. Voting your conscience may affect your future political aspirations. The effects may be either positive or negative. While I am sure that your career is important to you, it should not be your primary concern when considering this legal case. Your responsibility now is to do what is right, legal, and honorable.

I respectfully request that you please consider the magnitude of this case as you develop your opinions and advance towards your decision. Your decision in this trial may be the most important decision you ever make. It will be a public decision, and it may highlight your career. Your decision will outlive the both of us. Your thoughts should not be on Democrats and Republicans, they should be on right and wrong. Consideration must be given to the legal precedence that will be set by this case. What will the outcome say about our constitution, our legal system, our government, and our politicians? What will your decision tell me and my grandchildren, as well as your own grandchildren, about yourself?

Again, Senator, I ask that you please cast your vote in this trial according to what you believe to be right. Right legally, and right for the United States that you should proudly represent.

Adam K. Pruden

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