Democratic Voter Intimidation
April 3, 2005

Election after election, Democrats have cried Republican voter intimidation as one of their campaign tactics. But like so many other Democrat claims, this falsehood is shattered by the truth. 2004 saw Democrats at their worst. From tire slashings in Wisconsin to a union thug literally breaking the arm of a Republican staffer in Florida, we have seen the true perpetrators of voter intimidation and fraud, Democrats and their allies. With each day that goes by, more and more fraud and intimidation are uncovered.

Now, in a new report presented to the House Administration Committee, the American Center for Voting Rights uncovers and documents massive amounts of voter intimidation by Democrats and their third-party allies, as reported in numerous talk radio programs and blogs including Ankle Biting Pundits. Check out the documented Democrat intimidation tactics at

Sincerely, Mike DuHaime RNC Political Director

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