Democrats Exposed!
September 1, 2004

Continually misunderestimated, our President George W. Bush has done it again! The Republican National Committee is holding its national convention in downtown Liberalville New York City. The Left has repeatedly questioned the wisdom of holding the Republican Convention in such a liberally biased location, yet once again they never failed to follow through with the thought and actually figure out what its all about. The Libs have planned all sorts of massive protests, marches, nude dances, as well as called for entertainment and transportation strikes, service personnel walk-outs, and even gone so far as to actually advocate civil disobedience! Why, they've even coordinated a cadre of attorneys offering pro-bono representation for anyone who will actually go far enough across the line of decency to have themselves arrested.

Wow! Can you just imagine where we might be if all of this inexplicable hate was focused into creative energy and applied to the positive improvement of our nation?? Tell you what...if these hate-mongers could possibly organize themselves, become truly informed of facts, introduce a candidate that excites the people rather than just someone who is "not Bush", then I might actually worry that they would present such a formidable opponent that doom would surely befall our great nation.

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