The Liberal Threat?
August 29, 2004

As long as their principle spokesmen are harvested from the field of entertainers I expect no serious competition. Although I can see one true threat. There are an enormous amount of Americans that look upon our entertainers as royalty. If you can bounce a ball or repeat someone else's words then your every move, whether on the stage, court, field or anywhere else will unquestionably be worshiped by very many confused Americans. Let me back up and clarify that my problem is not with entertainers. What really bugs me are the incredible number of people that spend hours and hours of their own lives reading and learning about the off-stage lives and activities of entertainers. There are so many magazines, newspapers, and television shows dedicated to the discussion and exploration of the lives, thoughts and interests of entertainers. I just cannot understand the infatuation.

And when these people, already accustomed to the spotlights, are placed upon pedestals even when the theater is closed, its not so unexpected that their responses would be to "put on a show". The more outlandish they appear the more attention they get. And who among that crowd wouldn't want that? I mean, that's how they make their living, by putting on a show and getting your attention.

So if you are wondering about what the liberal threat could be, I would have to say that it is principally misinforming the gullible Americans. But these are the folks that ask for it, so can we truly blame the entertainers? Nah, they are simply responding to the repeated cries of "encore". And of course, what follows are their demands for even more ridiculously higher salaries reflecting more expensive ticket prices for the drooling, enthralled, masses. But its okay because y'all truly love 'em.

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