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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Treatment of Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay is Despicable
June 17, 2005

I cannot full articulate my shock over learning of the reported manner in which our government is treating the prisoners being held in our Guantanamo Bay, Cuba military facility. To have these fanatical murders indefinitely detained against their will is simply not enough for us, is it? Even beyond the questionable indefinite detention, the atmosphere we have enveloped them in at Gitmo is despicably tyrannical and wholly un-American.

Just because these illegal combatants are being held on Cuban soil that is insufficient reason to allow us to get away with subjecting them to the brutalities of forced religion. Our nation was founded on religious freedom. This was done with the intention of allowing citizens and residents to worship any deity in any way they choose; as well as the undisturbed freedom not to honor or acknowledge any higher power.

I was overwhelmed with despair when I found out that the terrorists we are holding in custody are given copies of the Koran, subjected to religious services, encouraged to practice religious procedures, taunted with religious relics and fed menus in accordance with Muslim traditions. Their air-conditioned cells are even adorned with large arrows pointed in the direction of Mecca. We as a nation of freedom loving people cannot allow such conditions to persist!

Even in our own schools we do not subject our children to such religious fervency. We do not allow the Holy Bible or any religious text to be present in the classroom and we certainly would never utilize it in any course of study or student discussion. We discourage prayer, belittle those who are weak-minded enough to feel a need for religion, do not allow the Pledge of Allegiance and would NEVER go so far as to have an arrow painted on the floor pointing to the U.S. Flag! By many accounts we strive to prevent our nation's population having any knowledge of the church or its teachings or any embarrassing reference to the Biblical principles on which or country was established and built.

Why do we allow such hypocrisy at Gitmo? Let's insist that all religious influence be removed from these poor extremist detainees and provide them the same freedom from religion that many in our government work to provides us. Maybe by providing them with this small taste of liberty they will forgo their sworn intent to destroy our nation and kill us all.

Adam Kirk Pruden

Felt's Revelations Violate FBI Oath
June 3, 2005

So this fragile old man near the end of his life finally is provoked by money-grubbing family members to reveal himself as the infamously anonymous "Deep Throat." Once again he plods from his little corner of obscurity for reasons purely personal.

A dishonorable former federal agent who was incapable of compliance with his oath of office now faces our nation with an ignorantly shameless smile. Even the most junior agent in the FBI on his very first day with the agency is entrusted with only one initial duty. That assignment is to honor the oath of office. Sure, our nation's values have dropped enough in the past 30 years, so I guess he finally felt the atmosphere was ripe to welcome another turncoat into the public eye.

I feel it is necessary to clear the confusion about Mr. Felt being called a whistle-blower. This term became prominent 20 years ago and is used for those persons who valiantly and selflessly step forward, at their own personal and professional risk, to reveal some sordid truth that has not been properly addressed through internal channels. Like a referee blowing a whistle, this action is taken publicly to draw attention, stop the game, and proclaim a foul. Whistle-blowing is not done anonymously through secret liaisons and cryptic communications.

Double agents are usually motivated by money, recognition or revenge. The FBI's Robert Hanssen and the CIA's Aldrich Ames were motivated by money. NIS's Pollard began stealing secrets as an unsatisfied and disgruntled employee, and then later became hooked on the money. It appears that Mark Felt began with spite and has now moved on in search of recognition while in the pursuit of monetary gain.

Mr. Felt is perched on the final edge of his life, yet he now provides yet another disservice to those who trust him most now. As he thrusts his cloak of dishonor over the confused heads of his heirs, he may now step shamefully into the abyss of afterlife that awaits him. Let's hope that we can successfully sue his estate for the wrongful government pension he has quietly stolen these past several years.

Published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on June 9, 2005.

Adam Kirk Pruden

A Sense of Pride
April 9, 2005

It is imperative that we focus on teaching and instilling a sense of pride, responsibility, and a pressing integrity to our youth today. The importance of these values must be highly stressed and their honor exemplified through both teachings and actions.

I do not believe that we should continue the degrading habits initiated in the 1980s in which we focused much too strongly on protecting self esteem rather than actually developing it. No child should be rewarded simply for showing up to school. Twelve to sixteen years of that will instill extremely obtuse and unrealistic expectations for a young adult entering the workplace. Children should be introduced to the realities of life from an early age. Competition should be encouraged along with the understanding that goals can be achieved through perseverance.

When you celebrate mediocrity you will never encourage the setting of goals and working for improvement that will actually enable a young person to progressively grow into a well-adjusted, productive and successful member of society.

Once again we are proving to be our own greatest enemy. Political correctness is a prime example. We try so hard not to offend that we end up pussy-footing around subjects and never make a point, criticism or positive suggestion. When you are afraid to speak out, your voice will never be heard. This by no means is my endorsement of overly insensitive or outright offensive behaviour. We should teach and live the golden rule throughout our lives. Teaching it to our kids and living the best example possible. Such behaviour can be contagious. Let courtesy guide you, help someone in need, be friendly, smile, wave, yield the right of way.

Adam Kirk Pruden

Democrat Voter Intimidation
April 3, 2005

Election after election, Democrats have cried Republican voter intimidation as one of their campaign tactics. But like so many other Democrat claims, this falsehood is shattered by the truth. 2004 saw Democrats at their worst. From tire slashings in Wisconsin to a union thug literally breaking the arm of a Republican staffer in Florida, we have seen the true perpetrators of voter intimidation and fraud, Democrats and their allies. With each day that goes by, more and more fraud and intimidation are uncovered.

Now, in a new report presented to the House Administration Committee, the American Center for Voting Rights uncovers and documents massive amounts of voter intimidation by Democrats and their third-party allies, as reported in numerous talk radio programs and blogs including Ankle Biting Pundits. Check out the documented Democrat intimidation tactics at

Sincerely, Mike DuHaime RNC Political Director

Air America Radio One-Year-Old
March 26, 2005

Yes, Air America did amazingly reach their one-year anniversary. It was an admittedly tough year, in which many days ended without the confidence that another day of broadcasting would follow. Short of contributors, listeners and advertisers the struggling liberal volunteers worked much of the time without any promise that salaries would be paid. Now, a year old and syndicated across fifty-one affiliates they celebrate this small success. But success is success regardless of size and these folks should not be faulted for celebrating when they have had so very little to enjoy over the past 25 years.

If you haven't tuned it yet, then you should definitley give it a try. In South Florida you can find them on 940AM. While many liberals will rejoice in the fervent anger presented by their boradcasts, conservatives should not fear that there is nothing presented to them. On the contrary. Conservatives will find reassurances in the so-called "Progressive" talk radio hosts. Their time is spent serving misinformation to the eager listening, dung-fed masses. Fortunately, if you are a thinker rather than a zombicratic follower, you will be able to enjoy the fruitless tirades these frustrated entertainers provide. Sure, you conservatives might find yourselfs getting annoyed and angry by the divisive untruths continually spewed across the air waves, but take a deep breath, close your eyes (unless you are driving), and remember exactly why they are so angry. Simply remember this, realize that you thinkers are not their target audience anyway, and have yourself a good laugh at their pitifully ignorant rants.

Adam Kirk Pruden

Stay Informed & Stay Involved
March 12, 2005

Sure, the presidential election has passed and we still have a little time before the mid-term elections in 2006, but while a little well-earned celebration is both permitted and encouraged, we cannot take to our laurels and expect this rising tide of change to continue its conservative swell without our active involvement. Being involved means staying aware of current issues, maintaining the contacts you made during the frenzied run-up to election 2004 as well as actively promoting the spread of your conservative values.

If you are not already a member in one of the many Republican Clubs across South Florida, then join one (or more) of them today. Get involved, attend meetings and social gatherings, share your ideas and listen to others. Learn about local issues and candidates that will most likely have more significant and more immediate affects on your life.

Contributions are always valuable, but do not necessarily have to be monetary. Volunteer your time for local candidates and ensure your voice is heard on local and state issues. Write letters to your congressional representatives, senators and national leaders. The sharing of your opinion through letters to the editor, to elected leaders, or through your own blog is especially important in overwhelmingly liberal South Florida. Fly the U.S. Flag on your home and car, post bumper stickers and magnets in support of our homeland's defense, national unity and important issues.

Adam Kirk Pruden

Now For Phase Two
February 15, 2005

Phase One was an unqualified success. Howard Dean has been selected to serve as the chairman for the Democratic National Convention. This regressive appointment is another major step in our majority party continuance project.

With Phase One of Operation "Continual Conservative Reign" successfully accomplished, we can now move ahead with the implementation of Phase Two. Phase Two will be to work toward the democratic nomination of Hillary Clinton to represent the party in the 2008 presidential election.

Ha, ha, ha, ha……we are on the way!

Adam Kirk Pruden

The State of Social Security
February 3, 2005

Is there any problem with the current Social Security system? Should an update of the current system be addressed or should we simply ignore it and just see what happens? Why was it a failing system when Bill Clinton spoke of it, but a thriving program without any faults when President Bush addresses it only a few years later? What happened? How did the struggling, over-burdened re-distribution system amazingly heal itself? Look, before we can make a single step we have to decide whether we can agree that the program is in a failing flux based on current demographic projections rather than seventy-year-old statistics.

I believe that we should improve and modernize our social security system. Workers currently pay into cover to fund the benefits of current retirees. As medical and technological advances have made it possible for people to live so much longer, these people are spending many more years in retirement. When the current Social Security system was started, it took nearly two dozen workers to pay every retiree. Now, in 2005, it takes less than half of that number to cover today's retirees. As a worker, every dollar you pay goes directly into the pocket of another person. By changing the system and allowing workers to elect to invest a portion of their FICA tax in private accounts, they are not only paying a portion to themselves, but also taking advantage of our incredible stock market to build interest and strengthen the system of the future. Additionally, with some form of individual or private accounts if a retiree dies prior to drawing all accumulated funds from the account, then the remaining balance may be passed on to heirs. In the current system if a retiree dies at an early age, the heirs get nothing…..because there is no distinction on what the person contributed over their working lifetime and there was never any accumulation build up of interest.

If we are set on continuing this socialist program, and I am not advocating its abolition, then I believe we need to seriously consider some major changes. I will start by stating that I am in agreement with the development of personal savings accounts. This will provide a system of investment and growth in place of the current system of simply redistribution. Some changes I suggest in the area of dispersing of funds include providing a needs based formula for retirees. While everyone should contribute to the system, only the needy should actually receive funds in their twilight years. The system was devised to provide a safety net for the elderly and disabled with insufficient or no resources to support themselves so that they might survive without the stresses and horrors of poverty. Certainly we need to teach and encourage individual savings among all citizens starting at an early age. Compounding interest over a lifetime provides the capability to grow modest savings into comfortable nest eggs. Parents, grandparents, and relatives should open accounts for children as early as possible. Every gift-giving holiday, birthday or other opportunity should include deposits into savings. These will be much more valuable than toys and time-wasting, anti-social video games.

The one question I see is that we will have to continue to fund the social security benefits of current retirees (in the old system) during the transition process. We have to replace the money going into private accounts rather than directly to retirees; while allowing those who elect to participate in the private accounts. This can be accomplished by raising taxes for all, or simply removing the cap for people earning over $90,000 annually.

The incorporation of individual accounts seems like a positive change for our country, our citizens and the social security system. Unfortunately, very few people ever participate in savings, investments and retirement accounts on their own. By automatically involving citizens in the process they are taught how to save and encouraged to learn about investing and the wonders of compounding interest. In a nation where so many people choose to live at or beyond their budget, just making it from check to check, largely dependent on credit, how can we not see the benefit of teaching the discipline and great benefits of saving and investing.

Certainly the transition phase will be the most challenging time for the implementation of this plan, and that is why such a debate results. Immediate modernization of this system must be undertaken if it is to survive and continue to serve our nation's most needy citizens and actually provide them with some form of true security. The longer we delay addressing the problem, the greater burden it will be to repair.

Adam Kirk Pruden

U.S. Economic Prosperity
February 1, 2005

What an incredible economic power we have in this country! Even after the dotcom bust, several down years in the stock market combined with the devastating terrorist attacks in our homeland in 2001 followed by the worldwide pursuit of terrorists and the liberation of millions of oppressed people in Afghanistan and Iraq, we still prosper here at home!

Our nation has presented 350 million dollars to the tsunami ravaged shores of Asia and the loving citizens of America have followed their hearts and contributed millions more from their own pockets. Even with the world's highest ever oil prices, we can still provide our citizens some of the cheapest fuel in the world. We are driving no less and purchasing higher-powered, gas consuming vehicles at an incredible rate. We are without doubt a rich population, freely and voluntarily spending billions of dollars on sporting events, lottery tickets, movies, vacation travel, video and computer games, and a large variety of other activities and forms of entertainment.

While fighting a global war on extremist hate our great nation still has the capacity to inflict economic prosperity on her hardworking citizens. Millions of jobs have been created over the past two years, businesses are growing, productivity has increased exponentially, inflation is in check, interest rates have finally begun to rise from the pitiful fractions we've seen in recent years and we finally have an administration that exhibits a sincere desire to repair our failing social security system rather than simply complain about and predict its impending failure as has been the fully acceptable status quo for the past several decades.

We continue to lead the world in economic and technological development. Our nation has successfully branched out to other motivated and growing countries to share our resources, provide jobs and assist in their own economic development.

Rejoice in our continued blessings, work hard to increase productivity, teach your children to not suffer shame for our success, assist your family, volunteer in your community and aid the less fortunate in seeking improvement and prosperity as well. Continue to recognize and share the blessings of good fortune with community and humankind both near and far.

Adam Kirk Pruden

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