FLEOA response to FAM Press Release

Contact: John Amat




February 17, 2004


In an ill conceived, misguided attempt to bolster the public’s air travel confidence, Federal Air Marshal (FAM) executives showcased all of their operation security procedures on an NBC news segment that aired on February 5 th and 6 th. During this questionable segment of self-promotion, FAM executives unwittingly provided the enemy with a crash course in how to assess whether there are federal air marshals on a particular flight.

Because of the outrageous disclosures made during this news segment, federal law enforcement officers across the country are contacting their elected officials today to demand that an internal investigation be initiated. According to the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), a non-partisan organization comprised of 21,000 members, FAM upper management should be held accountable for their flagrant disregard for both passenger and air marshal safety.

According to J. Adler, FLEOA National Secretary, FAM executives have, “provided the enemy with their play-book, and then challenged them to sack their quarterback. “The only difference,” adds Adler, “is that the potential consequences for such false bravado is not a game loss, but rather the loss of American lives.”

Prior to the airing of the NBC news segment, the FLEOA Agency President for the FAM’S requested a meeting with their Director in order to address several security concerns. Unfortunately, the FAM Director declined to meet with FLEOA to discuss these issues. Instead, he opted to participate in the NBC segments that provided a step by step narrative of how federal air marshals covertly pre-board commercial flights and make threat assessments.

A group of concerned air marshals wishing to remain anonymous stated that they were troubled by their agency’s disclosures that they believe will assist the enemy in identifying what flights they are not on. Ultimately, this puts the passengers at greater risk.